Tiger Gleeson is a character in Round The Twist.


Tiger is one of the Gribble boys; the others being James and Rabbit. He is only known by his nickname, Tiger. He is an insufferable motor mouth who often commentates on events as if they were a sports race.


Series 1 - Nell's Ancestors

Tiger and assistant Jill, organise the "3rd Annual Spaghetti Pig Out" to raise money for the school gym. Both Tiger and James help Rabbit practice for the competition. When Tiger announces the four contestants he introduces Pete as "Skinny but ever hungry termite Twist", Tania as "Tapeworm Tania from Timboom", Bessie as the firm favourite "Bessie the bottomless pit", and "Rabbit the Ravager". Tiger let's everyone know if the rules of the competition are broken it will result in the contestant being disqualified:

  1. The contestant who wins is the one who eats the most bowls in 10 minutes
  2. All bowls must be scraped clean
  3. No spewing. Contestants must keep all their food down for at least 10 minutes after the competition has finished

Series 2 - Shipwrecked Ghosts

Series 3 - The Viking Book of Love

Series 4 - Ariel & Atlantis