Round the Twist is an Australian children's television series about three children and their widowed father who live in a lighthouse and become involved in many magical adventures.  


Four seasons of Round the Twist have been made, each comprising 13 episodes. Although each episode has a self-contained plot each series has a recurring theme, usually an object or character which appears briefly in every episode. This gradually develops the theme until the final episode of each season in which it is explained and resolved.

The Twist family have frequent conflicts with a ruthless local businessman, Harold Gribble, and his family. Typically, Gribble seeks to remove the Twists from the lighthouse in order to more profitably use it as a tourist attraction for Port Niranda.


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  • Series 1 aired on the Seven Network Australia in 1989
  • Series 2 aired on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in 1992
  • Series 3 aired on ABC in 2000
  • Series 4 aired on ABC in 2001
  • The series ran on CBBC in the UK