Rabbit is a character in Round The Twist.


Rabbit is one of the Gribble boys; the others being James and Tiger. He is only known by his nickname, Rabbit. He is often forced to undergo strain on James' behalf; he often gets singled out for humiliation. Rabbit is bumbling and fairly stupid it is apparent that he can count as high as the number four.


Series 1 - Nell's Ancestors

Rabbit is one of four students to participate in the "3rd Annual Spaghetti Pig Out" at school, run by good friend Tiger. Both Tiger and James help Rabbit practice for the competition. When James gets his hands on Pete's magic remote, James devices a plan so Rabbit will win. When Tiger announces the contestants he introduces Rabbit as "Rabbit the Ravager". After the first two contestants, Bessie and Tania drop out and Rabbit was on bowl 10, James uses the remote not on Pete but on Rabbit and presses Fast Forward. Rabbit begins eating in fast motion. At the end of the competition, which latest 10 minutes, Rabbit had eaten 27 bowls of spaghetti. Rabbit begins to feel as if he is going to be sick, and with throwing up for the preceding 10 minutes at the close of the competition being against the rules James holds Rabbits mouth closed. But Rabbit has eaten way too much too fast and can't keep his food down, therefore brings his spaghetti up all over the audience, at the same time making Pete the winner. Pete managers to get his remote back from a spaghetti covered James, and presses the rewind button, sending all that spaghetti back into Rabbit.

Series 2 - Shipwrecked Ghosts

Series 3 - The Viking Book of Love

Series 4 - Ariel & Atlantis


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