Pink Bow Tie is the 17th episode of Round The Twist.


Pete gets mixed up with a couple of crooks who've stolen a machine that can make people younger or older. When one of the crooks makes himself younger to disguise himself, the other believes that Pete is the younger version of his accomplice, and accuses Pete of attempting to double cross him.





  • Bruce Myles as Mr. Splodge
  • Matthew Quartermaine as Growler
  • Matt Parkinson as Lanky
  • Liam Jones as Young Lanky
  • Esme Melville as Mrs. Gribble Senior
  • Graham Dow as Mr. Gribble Senior
  • Billie Hammerberg as Mrs. Newman
  • Chris Anderson as Deckhand
  • Deanne Carson as Young Mrs. Newman
  • Stuart Murphy as Toddler Lanky
  • Scott White as Toddler Growler
  • David Hunt as Policeman
  • Andrew Murrell as City Cop
  • Jake Buxton as Baby Splodge
  • Marzena Godecki as Beautiful Girl (Madeleine)


  • Based on the short story of the same name from Unbelievable!.